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President and Vice President of the Consortium

Staffed by a president and a vice:

Presidency Excma. Sra. Elena Cortés Jiménez
Consejera de Fomento y Vivienda
Vice-presidency D. Jose Antonio Nieto Ballesteros
Alcalde del Ayuntamiento de Córdoba


The Chairman of the Consortium exercise the following powers:

  • Convene and chair meetings of the Board of Directors and any other organs of the Consortium of collegiality that may be created depending on the needs of administration.
  • Legally represent the Consortium in the acts, agreements and contracts as it is involved, as well as to all kinds of entities, public or private persons, authorities, courts, giving the mandates and powers that are necessary.
  • Ensure full compliance with the provisions of the Statutes, the resolutions adopted by the Board of Directors and, in general, the legislation applicable in each case.
  • Exercise, in urgent cases, judicial and administrative actions necessary for the defense of the rights of the Consortium, reporting to the Board of Directors at the first meeting to be held.
  • Authorize and provide running costs included in the budget to limit determined in the Budget Implementation Bases each year. Accept grants, reporting to the Board of Directors.
  • Recognize and discharge liabilities and order payments. g) Approve generations transfers and credit in the amounts determined by the Board of Directors.
  • Approve Budget settlement and incorporation of remnants.
  • Sort the convening of meetings of the Board of Directors, set the agenda and preside over the proceedings.
  • Inspect Consortium services and administrative leadership practice high.
  • Settle claims prior to the civil courts or labor.
  • In addition to those specified shall, in what is not in opposition thereto, and are not attributed to other organs by these Bylaws, the powers conferred Local Legislation, at all times, the Mayor.

The Vice-President the following powers:

  • The Vice-President in all his duties in case of absence, illness or situation that makes it impossible for it to exercise its functions.
  • Also, the Vice-President shall assume the duties of the Presidency temporarily or permanently be expressly delegated by the President.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the top collegiate body that governs and directs the Consortium and provides guidelines for action of the same, according to the common will of the associated entities.

The Board of Directors shall consist of representatives of all the associated entities, in accordance with the following distribution:

  • Three representatives of the Government of Andalusia, including the President, to exercise the right to vote.
  • The Mayor of each of the municipalities or an alternate designated by the Chapter.
  • The President of the Diputación Provincial of Córdoba or an alternate designated by the Diputación.


The Board of Directors in accordance with the provisions of Article 4.1, exercise the following powers:

  • Exercise the government and senior management of all services of the Consortium.
  • Initially approve the Administrations consortium proposing amendments to the Statute of the Consortium and the contributions of its members. In any case, when the amendment to the Articles affecting the powers of one of the consortium Administrations will require the express agreement of this.
  • Approve the addition of new members to the Consortium and the separation, and the fixation of their contributions, establishing conditions that must be carried out such incorporation and separation.
  • Approve the extension of the powers of the Consortium within the object defined for the same in accordance with Article 3 of these Bylaws, subject to approval of the Administrations consortium, they have relevant competence without prejudice to Article 43.1 of the Statutes.
  • Approve the proposal to the Administration Consortium for dissolution of the Consortium.
  • Approve the annual budget of the Consortium and the plans and programs of action, investment and financing, and management plans or building transport infrastructure.
  • Approve the financial statements under current legislation.
  • Approve the organizational structure of the Consortium services because of the requirements arising from the management objectives for achieving the aims of the Consortium.
  • Hiring the Managing Director and determine the conditions for the provision of their services, the President's proposal.
  • Approve the plan and the catalog or list of existing jobs in your organization, the basis of tests for personnel selection, promotional contests provision of jobs and job Consortium. All in accordance with current regulations. Also approve the Collective Bargaining Agreements and the service staff of the Consortium, proposed by the Manager.
  • Granting concessions and private use permits or special use of publicly owned assets have attached, as well as assignments for use of such property as may be necessary for the provision of public services to manage.
  • Agree direct or indirect management of the services to be provided, including the granting thereof.
  • Program Approve Contracts with companies providing passenger services and few conventions are necessary for the fulfillment of its purposes.
  • Act as contracting in the cases specified in Article 29.
  • Authorize and have expenses and payments within certain budgetary limits on the Basis of Annual Budget Execution.
  • Approve operating regulations of the various services of the Consortium.
  • Proposing the establishment of rates, charges and special assessments and propose the setting, modification or revision of rates thereof, and those whose management is entrusted to the Consortium.
  • Establish, modify and revise the tariffs for public services managed indirectly.
  • Receive, take charge and manage, with the limitations that the law established, the property of the Consortium, as well as income from bequests and donations.
  • Acquire and dispose of all types of movable and immovable property.
  • To approve the exercise of all kinds of administrative and judicial actions.
  • Establish fees for attending meetings of colleges of the Consortium.
  • In addition to those specified shall, in what is not in opposition thereto, and are not attributed to other organs by these Bylaws, the powers conferred Local Legislation, at all times, the Board of Directors.

For greater flexibility in management, the Board of Directors may establish internal Executive Committee, who may delegate the powers determined and shall specify in the agreement to create its composition and procedures of organization and operation.

Furthermore, the Board of Directors may grant special powers and without limitation in individual cases of people.



It is for the management and administration of the Consortium on guidelines established by the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee as appropriate. It falls on a Managing Director appointed by this Council on a proposal from its Chairman.

  • Managing Director. D. Juan Antonio Delgado Barajas